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Japanese Luxury Cocktail Shaker 500ml/17oz

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This Japanese Luxury Cocktail Shaker provides the perfect combination of sophistication and functionality. Finishes available are stainless steel, gold, copper, and gunmetal black, it holds up to 500ml (17oz) of liquid, making it ideal for making stylish cocktails.

  1. Key Features:

    • Exquisite Japanese Luxury Cocktail Shaker with a generous 500ml/17oz capacity
    • Handcrafted with precision and care
    • Elevate your cocktail-making skills to new heights
    • Unparalleled craftsmanship and functionality
    • Premium quality for lasting performance
  2. Benefits:

    • Experience the art of Japanese mixology
    • Craft cocktails with precision and elegance
    • Impress your guests with a touch of Japanese culture
    • Elevate your bartending skills to a higher level
    • Exceptional quality for long-lasting use
  3. Why Choose Us:

    • Curated selection of premium barware
    • Secure and convenient online ordering
    • Fast and dependable shipping
    • Elevate your mixology experience with style and culture
    • Dedicated customer support
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  5. Customer Reviews:

    • "This Japanese shaker is a work of art. It adds a touch of elegance to my bar." - Emily
    • "The craftsmanship on this shaker is unparalleled. It's a conversation starter at my parties." - John
    • "I'm blown away by the quality and design. It's more than just a shaker; it's an experience." - Fiona

Elevate your mixology experience with our Japanese Luxury Cocktail Shaker, featuring a refined 500ml/17oz size. Order now and infuse the artistry and elegance of Japanese culture into your cocktail craftsmanship.

Japanese Luxury Cocktail Shaker 500ml/17oz
  • Gold Plated - $276.00
  • Stainless Steel - $276.00
  • Copper Plated - $276.00
  • GunmetBlack Coated - $276.00