Shipping Policy

For customers in the USA

As a result of our inventory being dispersed across multiple locations in the United States, we have established a fixed shipping fee of $10.85 USD. However, if the weight of your order exceeds 70 lbs./30kg, the shipping cost may be subject to change. We will contact you promptly with further details regarding any adjustments in pricing. Please note that delivery times will range between 5 business days to 3 weeks, contingent upon the product's proximity to your location. Rest assured that we will keep you informed with estimated shipping times for your order.


For customers in Europe

Postnord shipping
PostNord MyPack Collect

The carrier system identifies pickup points closest to your address and the customer can choose where to pick up the parcel. 
We shall contact you in case the weight of your order exceeds 30kg (if your address is in Finland) or 20kg (if your address is elsewhere).

Informing the customer
The customer is notified of the parcel by SMS or e-mail for a PostNord MyPack Collect , depending on the practice of the destination country. The notification is sent to the recipient on the day the shipment arrives at the pickup point, and it contains information about the last possible pickup day.

Cost of delivery

The cost of delivery ranges from 4,92€ and upward depending on the location and weight of your parcel.  for all pickup points, or the equivalent if the currency is other than Euro. 

Flex Change

PostNord sends a notification to the recipient prior to the delivery of PostNord MyPack Home shipment. The notification includes a suggested delivery date and time. The notification is sent by SMS or e-mail according to the contact information provided by the customer. Depending on the area other delivery options may be offered, such as pick-up from terminal/service point or delivery without signature. The recipient can also choose the delivery method in PostNord’s mobile application. PostNord MyPack Home Other SMS and e-mail notifications Delivery Advice includes estimated delivery day Delivery Notification is a pre-advice on the day of delivery

Delivery Confirmation is sent when the parcel has been delivered

Driver Notification

The recipient will be telephoned by the driver before delivery in Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

Delivery without POD (proof of delivery)
The shipment is delivered to the destination address even if the recipient is not present to acknowledge receipt. The goods will be left in a secure location. Driver’s delivery scan terminates PostNord’s liability for the shipment.  

For more information on delivery, please refer to

Contact information

If you require further information regarding shipping, please do not hesitate to send us an email. We will endeavor to respond to your inquiry as promptly as possible.